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Tomi Tuuliranta - Designer

"I've always liked to do things on my hands". Most of my ideas comes from practical needs. With ChillBoard it came from my daily job.

Long story short

I do A lot of remote work and I started to search solution for portable desktop. I found few solution, but they where not so handy and compact or portable. After several weeks of searching, I tought I must do it myself.

I have done some design before with birch plywood and I ended up to use it as ChillBoard material. Finnish birch plywood is very sustainable material and it will last years to come. Also one of the reason for material choice came from my favorite Finnish designer Alvar Aalto. Aalto was  the pioneer of Finnish plywood.

With ChillBoard I started in spring 2019. I made several tests, that how much you can bend the plywood in home conditions. I had many different molds and used several different techniques in our livingroom for testing plywood, yes in our livingroom. I don't have wood workshop, gladly I have patient wife. It took six months for testing to found suitable model which worked well, both in you back as anatomically and cooling the laptop while you are working. This ment many many many nightshifts, because I have two small kids and I want spent some time with them. So you have plenty of time when your kids and wife falls in to sleep :D


In early 2020 I got patent for my ChillBoard and started to search manufacturer and retailers for my board. Finally after long search, I found appropriate Finnish retailer called Made In Finland Shop. I got acquainted with the CEO of the company and through him I also found the Formesa manufacturer of the board. So big thanks to owner of Made In Finland Shop.

Best Regards,

Tomi Tuuliranta

Oh, and enjoy few making of prototype pictures, from our livingroom wood workingshop...

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